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Transform your agency's bandwidth & capacity

We work 1:1 with boutique and mid-size agencies to create project management and workflow systems that actually work to keep both clients and team members happy


Does any of this sound familiar?

Your agency’s owners and senior leaders regularly feel like bottlenecks, preventing work from moving forward (‚účraise your hand if you have a slew of unanswered Slack messages and emails from your team at this very moment)

You’re overservicing regularly (especially on project work) and can’t quite seem to reign it in


It’s a struggle to onboard new clients and new team members (and the idea of doing both at the same time gives you a small panic attack)


Capacity planning is a real challenge (be honest, how many times have you sent a “who has time to help with this!” message this week?)


Too often, your budget estimates for new work are too low, but once you've realized, it's too late (so you’re locked in to securing results at an unsustainable rate)


There’s a lack of clarity on the team around who’s doing what, and it’s difficult to transfer true ownership of tasks and deliverables

We could go on and on, but we don't need to tell you that running a PR agency is complicated and nuanced

We also know that because of the nature of our work, sometimes (ahem, almost always) it can be difficult to slow down to create the systems and processes that will help us speed up. 

That’s exactly why we created our PM for PR program. Initially, only available to our Fractional COO clients, we began offering this service as a standalone. 

We saw the need for agencies to redefine the way they work to deliver reputation-building results without sacrificing the health and well-being of their team members (or tossing their profit margin down the drain).

Introducing the...


We take you through our 5-step PM for PR process to develop a project management and workflow system that is not only specific to the business of running a PR agency, but unique to the needs of your team, clients and firm.

Our Founder,

Your Systems Advocate

Hi there, I'm Shauna Nuckles, founder of Advocation. I've built my career leading PR campaigns for multi-million and billion dollar brands. I've served as #2 inside multiple award-winning firms, and today, I run my own boutique agency, too. 

Throughout all of my experience managing and mentoring other professionals, I saw one crucial factor that caused teams to flounder more than anything else—operations and project management.

They were often the difference between a successful campaign and one that flopped, staying on budget and seriously over-servicing, happy and disappointed clients, and most importantly, how well agency owners and team members could sleep at night.

Recognizing a real need for this type of support, we introduced services and programs to help agencies improve and streamline their systems.

We develop customized systems that work with instead of against your agency to keep clients and team members happy, while instilling a new level of confidence, clarity and excitement in day-to-day work.

Here's an example case study

Agency Profile: A team of 20 with a blend of FTEs and contractors supporting a client roster of 25 

Their Challenges: When this agency hired Advocation, they’d recently experienced a growth spurt. The company hired several team members to support their new accounts, yet they consistently felt the strain of employees always being over capacity.

Our Findings: This agency thought their capacity issues were just common growth pains and that redefined systems and processes would be the key to better supporting their larger team and client roster. However, in the audit phase of PM for PR, we uncovered that they were overservicing clients at the rate of $330k+ per year. 

This is why on paper it looked like the team had capacity to support their current clients and take on new work, but in reality, they didn’t.

Our Solutions: Our most impactful solution was restructuring the flow of client relationships. We identified the key areas in which they oveserviced (planning and reporting) and developed flexible systems, custom templates and clear workflows to streamline how the team served clients.

Paired with new guidelines for effectively managing both project and retainer budgets, the agency didn’t just cut down on overservicing, but nearly eliminated it. 

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