Hi, I'm Shauna Nuckles

I began Advocation with one simple mission: de-stress agency teams. 

We deeply understand the challenges that creative agencies face

Before starting my own business, I spent close to a decade as #2 at an award-winning lifestyle firm and built my career leading PR & marketing campaigns for multi-million and billion-dollar brands. 

In managing and mentoring other professionals, I saw one crucial factor that caused teams to flounder more than anything else—operations and systems. They were often the difference between a successful campaign and one that flopped, staying on budget and seriously over-servicing, happy and disappointed clients, and most importantly, how well agency owners and team members could sleep at night. 

We help creative & digital agencies focus on what they do best


Recognizing a real need for strategic operations support, we launched a suite of services to help agencies improve and streamline their systems, reach goals with more ease and remove owners from day-to-day operations. We leverage customized systems that work with instead of against your agency to keep clients and team members happy, while instilling a new level of confidence, clarity and excitement in day-to-day work. 

Our company values...

  1. ABUNDANCE: we operate from the realm of possibility to create impact and lead with generosity.
  2. PROGRESS: we consistently make micro-movements toward our goals and truly believe the work we do will make a difference.
  3. HEALTH: without it, our work isn't possible, so it's integrated into everything we do. 
  4. AUTONOMY: we empower our team and our clients to have sovereignty, making decisions that support their individual needs as well as the collective good.
  5. IMPACT: we always choose making an impact over aiming to impress, which means we often take the path less traveled. 

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Agency Operations Consulting 

We provide 1:1 support to solve your company's top operational challenges.

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Professional Development

We provide on-demand and in-person workshops, events and training.

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Project & Resource Management 

We help boutique and mid-sized agencies launch & integrate the right tools and tech.

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