Hi, we're Advocation

We provide onboarding and ongoing training for boutique & midsize PR agencies


We’re on a mission to make quality training and professional development accessible to every PR pro, helping agency owners…

Increase Team Morale

Providing the resources that not only improve employee skills, but allow them to progress through their careers

Improve Client Experience

Empowering account teams to start treating the agency like their own, constantly upleveling client service

Grow Their Biz

Giving owners more bandwidth and precious time to focus on new business development 

Every training we conduct uses our E.S.P. Framework as a guide.

It combines the exact soft skills, hard skills and leadership skills required to succeed in the demanding world of PR.


Three core pillars that transform agency teams into...


Like...critical thinking, communication, client counsel and fostering the right mindset to succeed


Like...strategic planning, the right processes for efficiency, onboarding clients and reporting results  


Like...running accounts, keeping them in scope, managing other team members and self leadership

"I was recently struggling with placements for trade publications. After talking through a new approach with Shauna at Advocation, I walked away from our conversation with the tools and insight on how to move forward. I've secured 5 placements in the past two weeks!"

Morgan Mikulaschek
PR Professional

There are three ways to get our E.S.P. Training

The E.S.P. Framework is designed to increase morale, while improving a team’s quality of work so agency owners have the bandwidth to focus on securing clients and increasing revenue.

1:1 Employee Training

One size doesn’t always fit all, and that’s especially true with training and professional development. We work 1:1 with employees virtually to improve in areas specific to their current role.

Agency Group Training

We conduct virtual group trainings on topics that help the entire agency thrive. Common focuses include client service and counsel, honing strategic thinking and winning media pitches.

Agency System Creation

We work closely with owners to create customized systems that help their agencies run more effectively--from onboarding clients, reporting results, account management and more.

"Shauna has been invaluable in helping me get untangled from the day-to-day execution in my agency, so I can be free to focus on increasing revenue and growing the business in new and exciting ways. She is masterful at creating and implementing systems & processes that not only help PR agencies run smoothly, but that keep clients happy without overworking your team."

Jen Berson
Founder of Jeneration PR

Improve morale. Drive client results. Get more bandwidth to focus on growing your biz.


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