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Elevate Agency Operations 
Beyond Chaos

If you’re looking to streamline agency operations for your next stage of business or bring order to the chaos that often clouds firm management, our Agency to Asset™ Audit is the solution. 

Our clients leave with a custom roadmap to transform their firm into a solid business asset with a more structured, profitable, and sustainable business model that will carry them through the next stage of growth. 

After receiving their roadmap, clients can choose to execute the plan themselves. However, many hire our team for strategic oversight or implementation.

"We haven't had a single fire drill inside of our agency since we began working with Advocation. They've helped us put the right systems in place to stay organized and gain back our time as well as build the foundational elements we really needed to succeed on behalf of our clients."


Our Methodology

From our experience going deep into the specific niche of agency operations, we’ve developed a proprietary methodology that allows us to assess firms based on their current stage of business and what it will take to propel them to the next. 

While 10-person and 200-person agencies require entirely different strategies and structures, every firm needs an unshakeable foundation of stability to scale. To get there, we assess every client based on a twenty-point list of stability markers and four core pillars that yield a flywheel of success across:

  • Client management
  • Team management 
  • Work management 
  • Financial management


Our Process

The complete audit process typically takes 10 to 12 weeks, including:

  1. Onboarding includes an intake form, gathering files and documents from your team, and a kickoff meeting to align on your most significant challenges and goals
  2. Benchmarking, in which our team assesses your firm’s performance against the most critical metrics that yield stability and success within an agency
  3. Analysis, includes a combination of reviewing the materials shared, surveying your team, and, as needed, conducting additional calls to truly understand the unique challenges your firm is facing
  4. Development of a Roadmap, in which we put our heads down to create an assessment report and a roadmap of your top priorities to meet the goals identified in your kickoff meeting
  5. Audit Readout, which is typically a 90-minute call to share our findings, discuss your roadmap, and answer any questions

    Agencies can implement on their own after receiving their roadmap, or many partner with our team on an ongoing basis to provide strategic oversight or execution support.

Our Results

Here are just a few examples of results we’ve achieved with our clients

  • Accelerated Growth: Guided an agency in surpassing three-year growth goals in just six months, increasing their top-line revenue by more than seven figures
  • Revenue Boost: Grew one firm's revenue by $250k in just four weeks, without any new client acquisition, simply by revising their current scopes
  • Profit Growth: Added $750k in annual profits through optimized systems and a strategic planning process
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Launched advanced tools and project management processes, which not only saved the team countless hours but were a critical piece in increasing profit margins to 25%+
  • Service Expansion: Enabled successful entry into a high-growth sector, tripling the team size in just under three years

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