Meet our Founder

Shauna Nuckles began Advocation with a simple mission—to de-stress the PR industry.

She built her career leading PR campaigns for multi-million and billion dollar brands, has served as #2 inside multiple award-winning firms, and today, runs her own boutique PR agency, too. 

Shauna deeply understands the challenges that agency owners and PR professionals face on a day-to-day basis, and our programs are designed to address them.

Throughout her experience, she noticed a common pain point

Nearly every agency owner Shauna met couldn't extract themselves from the day-to-day to focus on the future of their firm.

She realized the missing links were team training that empowered employees to treat the agency like their own business and strategic systems that worked with instead of against their firm.

Shauna saw first hand that together, these two factors were the difference between a thriving agency and a struggling one, a short-term or long-term client, successful or disastrous projects, and how well agency owners could sleep at night.

It's critical that PR agencies
get team training and systems right.

And we’re determined to make high-quality support accessible to each and every team, so everyone—from intern to owner—can thrive.

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