The Four Unsexy Strategies that Helped us Grow by 400%

Jan 09, 2023

The last few years have been filled with many uncertainties. In the face of many hurdles, we’re proud and humbled to have grown our business by more than 400% over the last year, supporting hundreds of agency professionals to address their toughest operational challenges. 


To close out 2022, we audited our business to identify the top strategies and tactics contributing to growth. We uncovered a few unsexy but highly effective strategies that moved the needle the most. So, we’re taking a quick detour from sharing our typical agency best practices to break down the strategies that have been essential to our growth in the hopes that we can support agencies in achieving their goals. 


We focused on methodology first

We've spent an immense amount of time perfecting the methodology we use for every agency we work with. This has served us in several ways. First and foremost, it serves as the foundation for a repeatable process in which we can serve clients. Reinventing the wheel with each new client will cost any business valuable time and ultimately lead to frustration. 


We doubled, tripled and quadrupled down to ensure that clients receive impeccable results

A repeatable methodology paired with predictable client results has allowed us to give clients a value guarantee. Depending on the service that agencies book with us, we offer a guarantee that they'll make or save 3-10x their initial spend with us. We could only do this after securing those results with multiple clients. 


We looked for white space

When the pandemic first hit, nearly every agency was forced into remote work. This was the opportunity to leverage our experience working with remote and hybrid agencies to help navigate what was ahead. By identifying the opportunity and quickly jumping into action, we helped our clients solve a problem that few others could at the time. 


We deeply love our target customer and have from day one

Actually, we're obsessed. We look for every opportunity to connect with creative agencies because we genuinely enjoy it. Think about it this way: if an agency is focused on video production for sports-related clients, and the entire team is knows nothing about sports, they probably aren’t staying up-to-date on the latest trends and industry opportunities. Whether in conversation, Facebook groups, or a conference, we listen to what our target audience is saying because we are passionate about problem-solving for agency teams. We have an insatiable desire to learn about the pain points of our target clients and honestly believe that the results that come from that kind of passion cannot be replicated. This heartfelt love gives us an intimate understanding of the clients we work with and informs every touchpoint in our business, from the services we provide to the way we communicate. 


None of these strategies are necessarily flashy or sexy, but have served as the foundation for our own growth. Implementing these simple yet game-changing tactics can propel businesses forward and ensure sustainable growth in the coming year and beyond. 


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