Empower employees to proactively lead and retain accounts, introducing

Transform task takers into business partners for your PR firm and the clients you serve 

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Transform task takers into business partners for your firm and the clients you serve

A proven method for empowering PR agency employees with the skills and resources they need to proactively lead and retain client accounts

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Expertly Managing the Client

  • Setting (and maintaining!) expectations to keep clients happy and work in scope

  • Running client meetings strategically & efficiently 

  • Creating budget management mastery

  • Instilling confidence in your agency’s abilities

  • Establishing business acumen in any client vertical 

Expertly Managing the Work

  • Managing the day-to-day work of each and every client campaign 

  • Reporting results confidently

  • Identifying the metrics that really matter

  • Managing your time when you have no time

  • Developing standout strategies

Expertly Managing the Team

  • Becoming a crystal clear communicator with your team 

  • Managing up and down to keep projects moving forward seamlessly

  • Delegating like a pro so work gets done on time and up to the agency’s standards

  • Keeping team morale and motivation high

  • Communicating and translating client goals and objectives back to the team

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Our Founder, Your Teacher

Throughout my experience, I've seen one common pain point for every boutique and midsize agency owner I've met.

They can't quite extract themselves from the day-to-day execution to focus on strategically growing their business as much as they’d like.

I realized the missing link was team training that empowered employees to treat the agency like their own business. Instead of training on one-off skills or hot new trends, they needed holistic support customized to the PR agency business model that honed strategic thinking, client counsel, planning skills, and more.

I saw first hand that professional development resources and team training could be the difference between a thriving agency and a struggling one, a short-term or long-term client, successful or disastrous projects, and how well agency owners can sleep at night.

I developed this program to address that, creating a win-win-win for agencies, their team members and the clients they serve.


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