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Empower employees to proactively lead and retain accounts

Transform task takers into business partners for your PR firm and the clients you serve 


We're here to help you keep your team and clients happy


You care deeply about your team, clients and the success of your PR agency, which means you're constantly pulled in multiple directions


This is especially true right now as we face new and constantly evolving challenges that come with running a business and leading a team during a global pandemic.


There are many unknowns in our current reality, but one fact remains true: your team needs your support, and you need theirs to ensure your agency remains viable now and in the years to come.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re experiencing a decrease in morale (or would like to prevent it) and want to keep your team engaged in their work

  • You know that your owner(s) and senior leaders need to allocate more time to focus on the future of your agency, but struggle to find the bandwidth (now more than ever)

  • You’re managing a fully remote team for the first time and need resources and training to keep everyone on task and on budget

  • Even if your agency was lucky enough not to experience a mass exodus of clients when the pandemic hit, keeping your current clients happy and retained is critical, and you know it needs to be an agency-wide focus instead of the responsibility of a select few (or just you!)

Then you're in the right place.

The MBAgency Masterclass

Watch this masterclass on improving client retention & team morale, while giving PR agency owners and leaders more bandwidth to focus on the future of their firm


Here's what participants of

The MBAgency Program say:


Transform task takers into business partners for your firm and the clients you serve

A proven method for empowering PR agency employees with the skills and resources they need to proactively lead and retain client accounts

Gain lifetime access to the program's curriculum

Expertly Managing the Client

  • Setting (and maintaining!) expectations to keep clients happy and work in scope

  • Running client meetings strategically & efficiently 

  • Creating budget management mastery

  • Instilling confidence in your agency’s abilities

  • Establishing business acumen in any client vertical 

Expertly Managing the Work

  • Managing the day-to-day work of each and every client campaign (we'll share our methodology on how to best manage your resources and results)

  • Reporting results confidently

  • Identifying the metrics that really matter

  • Managing your time when you have no time

  • Developing standout strategies

Expertly Managing the Team

  • Becoming a crystal clear communicator with your team 

  • Managing up and down to keep projects moving forward seamlessly

  • Delegating like a pro so work gets done on time and up to the agency’s standards

  • Keeping team morale and motivation high

  • Communicating and translating client goals and objectives back to the team

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Additionally, each participant receives:

  • A 1:1 call to discuss their current professional development goals and gain personalized guidance for success

  • Hands-on support with three group training clinics (one on each core pillar of the program) to answer questions, discuss lessons and work through on-the-job challenges

Agencies registering an entire team can receive a significant discount for multiple registrants.

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Our Founder, Your Trainer

Hi there, I'm Shauna Nuckles, founder of Advocation. I've built my career leading PR campaigns for multi-million and billion dollar brands. I've served as #2 inside multiple award-winning firms, and today, I run my own boutique agency, too. 

Throughout my experience, I've seen one common pain point for every boutique and midsize agency owner I've met.

They can't quite extract themselves from the day-to-day execution to focus on strategically growing their business as much as they’d like.

I realized the missing link was team training that empowered employees to treat the agency like their own business. Instead of training on one-off skills or hot new trends, they needed holistic support customized to the PR agency business model that honed strategic thinking, client counsel, planning skills, and more.

I saw first hand that professional development resources and team training could be the difference between a thriving agency and a struggling one, a short-term or long-term client, successful or disastrous projects, and how well agency owners can sleep at night.

I developed this program to address that, creating a win-win-win for agencies, their team members and the clients they serve.


A training program customized to
PR agency teams

Get the skills and resources you need to transform task takers into business partners for your firm and the clients you serve

The MBAgency Program

$1,997 / participant

With bundled rates for multiple registrants

  • Lifetime access to a training portal with The MBAgency Program's curriculum
  • A 1:1 session for each participant to support individual success in the program
  • Three group training clinics for hands-on support as team members work through training lessons
  • Bonus: Access to the New Biz Strategies & Systems Workshop
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